Pregnancy and Dental Health

We clearly value the health of our children. The oral health of our kids is crucial for their development, but it starts long before the first teeth start to come in. Oral health starts in the womb, it’s very important that the mother is concerned with the health of her baby.

Receiving dental health care is harmful to neither the mother or the child. Not only that, but taking care of your own teeth before you have a child reduces their risk of any sort of oral inconveniences throughout life. A lack of healthcare can compromise your unborn baby.

Women with a higher likelihood of getting cavities are much more likely to pass them onto their children in the first two years of their life. If your child suffers from poor dental health they are more likely to have eating and sleeping problems, possibly causing them to fall behind in school or work. Research can show that dental health during pregnancy might be too late, and that it should be addressed in the pre-conception time period. The risk of ignoring dental care during pregnancy can complicate matters, and receiving care while pregnant can do no harm.

Many women are eligible for special dental coverage while pregnant. There are lots of no-cost care plans provided by insurance companies under the Health Insurance Exchanges. Having a child is a wonderful experience, while you envision 10 perfect fingers and a cute button nose don’t forget about a beautiful smile.