Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Trick-or-treating, school halloween parties, even just the extra bag of you bought for rewards. The extra treats kids are enjoying throughout October can really take a toll on their teeth.


Throughout the month, there are $9 billion spent on candy and sweets. Not only is there a lot of money being spent, there will be roughly 41 million trick-or-treaters out. There are some things that parents should remember when choosing candy and treats for their children:

  1. There are better treats, and there are bad treats. Dental friendly types of treats include chocolate. It melts away pretty quickly and doesn’t stay on teeth as long.
  2. Think of non-food items – glow sticks, small trinkets, or even a toothbrush!
  3. Bad treats stick to your child’s teeth. Dark chocolate and sugar-free gum are better than gummies or bubble gum.
  4. Sour candies are especially bad. Not only do they have sugars, but they also have acidic properties. Both those things are terrible for teeth!
  5. “Healthy” treats aren’t always better. For example, a granola bar has honey in it – another sticky substance that takes extra scrubbing to remove from teeth.
  6. Brush teeth after eating any candy. And if you find “bad candies” in your kids Halloween haul, think about taking it to the nursing home or someplace like that.

As always, we encourage our patients to enjoy the holiday without over-indulging or having a dental issue later on. Be safe, wear reflective clothing, and have fun!


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