This week is Dental Assistant Appreciation Week, and West Maple Pediatric Dental is grateful for the opportunity to shine a light on our amazing team!

With so many friendly faces milling around West Maple, you might wonder what exactly is it that a dental assistant does?

The official duties of a dental assistant include:

  • Being knowledgeable about and assisting in a variety of treatments and procedures
  • Taking and developing patient x-rays
  • Taking the patient’s medical history and obtaining vitals
  • Serving as Infection Control Officer, developing infection protocol, preparing and sterilizing equipment, and maintaining a safe and sanitary office
  • Providing patients and families with instructions on post-visit care and maintenance
  • Communicating with patients, vendors, and suppliers
  • Obtaining impressions of patient’s teeth
  • Providing a safe, nurturing environment for patients
  • Office management, reception, and administrative duties
  • Creating relationships that make patients feel safe, heard, and welcomed

These vital members of our staff have received extensive training to do what they do, but have also put in their own time and effort to bring you the very best care possible! Their dedication to our patients, and to one another, is absolutely inspiring, and we couldn’t be more grateful for our team!

You might know them as the friendly faces that greet you, sit with you, and chat with your children during procedures. Your dentist knows them as the team that keeps things running, and without whom we couldn’t provide you with the exceptional care that your family counts on!


Above and Beyond

A good dental assistant has excellent communication skills, and improves the overall efficiency of an office. A great dental assistant is patient, caring, and knowledgeable. At West Maple, we somehow managed to attract the best in the business, and you’ll find that our assistants Nathalie, Cassie, Arianna, and Lisandra make it an absolute joy to come into the office!


If you have a story to share about any of our clinical team, please drop a comment or a note to let us know! We love hearing from our patients, and especially this week, we want to be sure that our team feels the love!

Let’s take a moment to get to know the staff!


Nathalie is very warm, intuitive, and has great clinical skills and is very compassionate. I love working with Nathalie as I have learned so many tips from her about connecting and communicating with young children who have come here from Mexico. Nathalie is a caring mother to three wonderful children, and to Russell, their charming little dog. Nathalie demonstrates beautiful family values, both for her immediate and extended family.


Cassie came to us more than 6 years ago during a period between working retail and dental assisting school. She fit right in, quickly becoming an integral part of our staff, and a warm addition to our clinical family. She has made wonderful strides to accomplish so much in her duties as clinical coordinator. Her compassion has earned her the affection of so many of our patients. She has become family to many in our practice, even being included in the wedding of a very special patient’s parents. Such a warm, genuine gesture reflects Cassie’s great character and dedication.


Lisandra came to us recommended by a colleague of Dr. Secola. During her first tenure with us, she was highly regarded by her peers in dental assisting for her soft manner and diligence. She became a mother of twins nearly two years ago, but treats West Maple so much as her home that she soon made the decision to return, stating her appreciation for the support and love of the clinical team. As a new mother, she brings all of the warmth and compassion she wants shown to her own precious children to each patient and family she encounters. Lisandra has been such a great addition to our entire team!


Born in Cuba, Arianna first visited with us a few years ago after leaving Florida, where she received her initial training. At the time, she was taking advancing courses in coronal polishing, which is required by the State of Nebraska. After our experience with her, she asked if she could join our team. We were delighted, and the entire staff welcomed her with open arms! She is always happy and ready to go, doing what is best for the patients.


Our clinical team is extraordinary, kind, receptive, with a great sense of inclusion and respect for all the children of diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, each with different, sometimes challenging needs. No matter the challenge, our team is always there to support us in our clinical duties. We feel very blessed with this group of young professional women who come every day and give nothing but their best!


Thank you to our wonderful team. We hope you feel as appreciated and loved as you make our patients feel every day!


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