Oral Conscious Sedations

A procedure done in office as a way to alleviate a child’s fears during a treatment.

Treatment of Children with Special Needs

Part of our training is to take care of children with special needs.

Preventive Dentistry

We offer cleanings, fluoride treatment, sealants, and when necessary, try to restore teeth with preventive resin restorations (PRRs) before a full-blown cavity is present.


We recommend cleanings to all of our patients every six months, although patients with higher risk for cavities will be seen at the discretion of the doctor.

Oral Health Instructions

Our assistants and doctors routinely review proper care of teeth, gums, and tongue to help your children understand proper dental hygiene.

Digital X-Rays

A faster radiograph allows for us to manipulate X-rays on our computers looking for any possible issues associated with the teeth, gums, or surrounding bone. Also, digital radiography is known to reduce exposure to radiation by at least 70%, and in some cases even more.

Fluoride Treatment

In-office fluoride treatments are available every six months at recall appointments or at the discretion of the doctor for higher risk patients with cavities.


A preventative measure that is recommended for all of our patients when their permanent six-year and twelve-year molars begin erupting.

Space Maintenance

In the event that a primary tooth must be extracted, space maintenance may be recommended to help decrease the shifting of teeth and decrease the chances in that area of the mouth for orthodontics.

Treatment of Thumb, Finger, and Pacifier Habits
Treatment options are available to help children who are having trouble breaking such habits so that their permanent teeth positions are not influenced.

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